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24 April 2017 @ 04:11 pm
90% public, 10% friends only


I'm polyfanamourous: An incredibly long list of my fandoms is here ; particular favourites include The Borgias, Da Vinci's Demons, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Revenge, V, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Librarians.

All of my fanworks and most of my entries, including some original fic pieces are public. F-locked are more personal posts, and occasional discussions on things such as sexuality, as well as some original fic pieces - read more about my original fic filter here.
My interests include reading, television and film, media representation, fanfiction and fandom, mythology and folklore, historical fantasy, eclectic paganism, wine, walking, pets, digital photography, and I dabble in baking, cross-stitch and knitting. I'm asexual and childfree and blog about those subjects.
If you're homophobic, or hate slash, or think asexuality isn't real, or hate fanfic, then we are not going to get along.

Currently: Adding, if we seem compatible.
~Original Fic masterpost ~ Disclaimer and Transformative Works Statement ~ Concrit welcome Statement ~

Meta exploring Riario's sexual and romantic orientation. I head-canon him as somewhere on the asexual spectrum. Not necessarily completely asexual but possibly grey-asexual or demi-sexual, maybe with some sexual attraction to all genders; I also think he could be biromantic and/or demiromantic and the meta looks at various facets of his identity. For Asexual Awareness Week 2016.
Originally posted at my wordpress account and professional tumblr. Cross-posted to AO3.

I head-canon Da Vinci's Demons' Giralomo Riario as somewhere on the asexual spectrum. Not necessarily completely asexual but possibly grey-asexual or demi-sexual, maybe with some sexual attraction to all genders; I also think he could be biromantic and/or demiromantic.
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22 October 2016 @ 07:54 pm
Last year I did NaNo. This year I've had to think long and hard about it.
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I've previously posted these four writing prompts to my Tumblr itslmdee where I post occasional prompts, promos, links to articles of interest, and reblog posts about writing and creativity.
They also featured on my twitter and they're also saved at my Pinterest Board Writing Prompts featuring prompts by myself and by others.

That was a little more adventure than I"d planned on All things considered I think that could have gone better Rule #1: never believe your own bs It"s fine I"m pretty sure most of this blood isn"t mine

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19 October 2016 @ 09:31 am
a-spec-tacular is hosting/promoting events for ace awareness week 23 October onwards. (Click that link more for, summary follows.)

Sunday, Oct 23rd: Ace-Spec Positivity - Primarily text posts that express specific or general support/positivity for aces of any kind
Monday, Oct 24th: Ace-Spec Aesthetics - Ace-spec-related aesthetic images, preferably in the standard 3x3 format of most aesthetic posts
Tuesday, Oct 25th: Ace-Spec Character Headcanons - Any characters you headcanon as ace-spec, with a description of how & why
Wednesday, Oct 26th: Personal Intersectional Experiences - Personal stories about experiences of other marginalized identities intersecting with ace-spec identities
Thursday, Oct 27th: Ace-Spec Stories - Stories written based off of one of three provided prompts, all ace-spec-related
Friday, Oct 28th: Art Contest - Ace-spec pride art; can be feasibly anything, but must remain hand-made (any medium, including digital, is fine!) and keeping with the theme of ace-spec pride! The deadline for entries to this event will be Oct 27th
Saturday, Oct 29th: Ace-Spec Pride Selfies - Submit selfies, accompanied by your answers to any or none of the following optional questions: How did you find out about Asexuality? How and when did you realize you were ace-spec? What have your experiences with the ace-spec community been? Have you come out to anyone as ace-spec? What has been your experience with coming out?
If you don’t want your face displayed, some alternative options are: blur out your face; Take a picture of your (ace-themed) outfit with your face cropped; draw a self-portrait of yourself, or a character you identify with ; Cover your face with the card that corresponds to your identity - You can also include a card corresponding to your identity. The cards can be found here.

This link has more details about the writing prompts, art contest rules, etc.

Submissions can either be sent directly to the blog, or submitted to the event’s tag: #Ace-Spectacular-Pride

Submissions to the blog must also include image descriptions for accessibility purposes.

The blog states that you’re welcome to post and submit anything up until & during the event itself, but they will not be featuring anything on the blog itself until the actual event date.

I'm planning something for Tuesday :)

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12 October 2016 @ 10:45 am

Title: Beached
Fandom: Original fic
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 302
Prompt: For the thirty days of fiction meme prompt #2 Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature
Summary: Drinking rum and swimming in the ocean isn't the best idea - but not for the reason you might think

Originally posted in 2011 to my journal here; now posted to my fic blog, my wordpress, and to Tumblr. Comments/likes can be left at any of those links. Comments on this post are turned off.

The image was made by me in Photoshop, using a personal photo as a base.

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30 September 2016 @ 08:39 pm
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questions and answers meme
whining about writing
what punctuation mark are you
Black Sails S3 – aye or nay?
White Collar S6 – fic requests

Versailles mini recap/review

Indian Summers
Camptown Races audio clip and pics from the show
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Da Vinci's Demons – message
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Graphics: Da Vinci's Demons with Desperado quotes

I also made and submitted some TFLN/DvD graphics to Texts From Florence: here and here and here

Fic recs

Da Vinci's Demons fic: Under Boughs of Sunlight by emeraldsoul
2 x Black Sails (silverflint) fics by writesometimes
show me the way to go home Black Sails fic by vowelinthug

Article recs

6 reasons you should be watching Black Sails

Midnight, Texas Trailer

tumblr rec of this article, How to Positively Represent Asexuality within Humorous Fiction: Part 2, “Options that can be funny without being hurtful!. ” (Part One by the same wordpress author: How to Positively Represent Asexuality within Humorous Fiction: Part 1, “What to Avoid”)

tumblr rec of this article, Holidays, Holy Days and Harvests

my thoughts and link to this article What it’s like to be called Isis: ‘People ask, where’s your machine gun?’

Link to this article Why we should have fewer children: to save the planet
quotes from and link to this article Stop Having Kids: We Already Have 6 Billion Too Many

Link to article about regretting parenthood
Links to 2 articles on regretting parenthood

A Woman Turned Down An Arranged Marriage ‘Cause The Guy Said She Had To Give Up Her Dog Good for her

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28 September 2016 @ 05:19 pm
For the a_war_of_roses "Fandom History 101" challenge; 5/5 The Knick

Title: The Knick
Format: TV Show
Era/Location: 1900, New York
Brief Summary: The Knickerbocker Hospital deals with poor patients others won't touch and pushes the boundaries with regards to surgery and new techniques; opium addict Thackery is brilliant but needs to learn restraint. He is less than impressed when told to work with a black surgeon, Edwards, but finds that Edwards is exceptional and that together they can reach new heights.
Why you like it/would recommend it: Excellent cinematography and effects and Clive Owen is wonderful as troubled if brilliant surgeon, Thackery. The show doesn't shy away from themes including racism, poverty, corruption, and reproductive rights, and there are many great characters and storylines. The more modern musical score provides an interesting contrast and it's amazing to see how far medicine had – and had not – yet developed by this time period.

submitted to the landcomm challenge post and cross-posted to my history/historical fantasy comm [community profile] historyisalie/historyisalie and my tumblr

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28 September 2016 @ 11:14 am

gameofcards is currently in phase nine and recruiting new players!

Game of Cards is a landcomm where you play for team points by completing activities such as games, graphic making, and fic writing. Hopefully you'll learn new things and meet new people and, mostly, have fun!

Game of Cards is a multi-fandom comm so you can use any fandom (or none; stock images to make icons for example are welcome) to complete a creative challenge.

Sign up post is here ; or visit the rules/faq for further information.

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